It is no surprise to anyone that we are currently experiencing drought conditions in our area and throughout the country.  Along with the lack of precipitation, we have been experiencing above average temperatures for quite some time.  Our top priority in these situations is cow comfort.  When cows are hot, they are not comfortable.  Mastitis cases are higher, somatic cell count increases, milk production decreases…  Hot temperatures can have an effect on the entire operation. 


Water sprinklers are an efficient way to keep the cows cool and comfortable.  Along with the fans in the freestall barns, a cow can easily release heat when she is saturated with water.  We have recently replaced our sprinkler heads in our barns to be more efficient.  After replacement, we have found that we are using less water to keep the cows comfortable.  These sprinklers produce a wider spray pattern and have an integrated valve to reduce waste.


We have also installed water meters to track how much water is being used in the milking parlor.  By bringing everyone together and expressing interest in the goal of reducing water usage, we have seen immediate results and are striving to continue to minimize the amount of water being used while not sacrificing quality nor cow health.  This water meter reading is recorded several times each day to track and analyze how and where water usage can be reduced.

Geoff GerritsComment