Pine Breeze Dairy: Reclaiming... Reusing...

With plans starting to receive approval, excavating and construction will soon begin at our next operation.   Pine Breeze Dairy is located just a few miles north of Poy Sippi.  The existing buildings and land were set up to milk about 400 cows.  The plans are to keep the existing milking parlor and freestall barn as a hospital area, while building a new facility to expand to approximately 2,400 cows.  Along with the existing parlor, there are also 2 old stantion barns that are planned to be tore down to make room for feed storage.

Instead of bulldozing the entire building(s), K&K Barn Salvage (an Amish father and his 3 sons) came in to reclaim the wooden planks and some of the structural beams of these barns.  This wood could very well be sold for new home construction as decoration.

Geoff GerritsComment