Lake Breeze Dairy - Celebrating 10 years

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On September 7, 2013, Lake Breeze Dairy held a celebration to recognize the groups accomplishments and to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.  Above, Mark Diederichs, partner and Operations Manager, spoke to the attendees and introduced the owners and partners that were able to be there on that day.

The day was filled with food, music, and entertainment for all.  Tours were given on school buses.  Children were kept entertained with a jump house, sand pile, and a clown making balloon animals.  Although there was a good rain the night before, the event was a success overall.   The people invited included family and friends of the owners and employees of Lake Breeze.  Also, many invites were sent out to members of the nearby communities.  This was an excellent opportunity for the public to see what is actually involved in today's dairies.

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The first cows were milked at Lake Breeze Dairy on March 11, 2003.  There is a lot more that goes into the partnerships and relationships at Lake Breeze than just 10 years of producing milk.  Friendship, honor, and respect have kept this group together and keeps pushing them forward.  Breeze Dairy Group has since formed Pine Breeze Dairy in Waushara County and is in the process of creating North Breeze Dairy in Taylor County.  Brian Gerrits, partner and CEO, says that if it wasn't for the strong relationships and common dreams of the partners, this group wouldn't be where it is today. 

Mark Diederichs took time to honor those employees that have been dedicated to Lake Breeze dairy since Day 1.  Those employees include Keith Birschbach, Poncho Lopez, Concepcion Perez, and Mark's father, Gerald Diederichs. 

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To the left, an emotional moment for Mark and Gerald as Mark presents his father with a Thank You Card for his 10-years of service to Lake Breeze Dairy.  For Mark, his father has given much more, as he and his father worked together since Mark's senior year of high school when Mark helped his dad with a 2nd herd of cows before and after school.  From there, the herd continued to expand, when in 2000, discussions first took place of a project and dream that today is Lake Breeze Dairy.

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