Family farming roots run deep for all five of our Breeze Dairy Group families.  Our fathers, mothers, grandparents, and great-grandparents farmed the land, working late into the night harvesting crops, feeding and milking cows, and repairing machinery.  Today, our families work as partners, combining not only our cows and land, but also applying our expertise to focus on caring for our cows on modern farms.

In 2002, five families came together to unite their passion for dairy farming and formed Breeze Dairy Group. With shared core values and a commitment to caring for cows and the environment, each family is dedicated to the future of agriculture.

After working closely with dairy farmers as a dairy nutritionist for years, Lynn Davis learned that Mark Diederichs, Ron and Rick Schwenck, and Doug Thiel had plans of expanding their home farms. Lynn knew the families had a similar vision and brought them together.

The four families worked with Brian Gerrits, a farm consultant at the time, and began developing a business plan to build Lake Breeze Dairy in Malone, Wisconsin in two phases. Brian joined the group as a partner during the development of phase one, and the partnership was complete with five families.

  Lake Breeze Dairy construction

Lake Breeze Dairy construction

Phase one was completed in 2003, when we began milking 1,500 cows. Two years later, phase two of Lake Breeze Dairy was completed, and 3,000 cows are still milked on the farm today.

Recognizing the strength of working together and seeing the success we shared with Lake Breeze Dairy, the five families began looking for opportunities to expand our years of agricultural expertise to other farms.

  Pine Breeze Dairy construction - November, 2012

Pine Breeze Dairy construction - November, 2012

Pine Breeze Dairy in Pine River, Wisconsin was the second farm to join the Breeze Dairy Group family of farms, also in two phases. Phase one was a test phase; we leased the farm and milked 400 cows while researching the opportunity of a second phase to grow the farm to a 2,400-cow herd. Phase one was a success, and we moved forward with phase two. In 2013, we began milking 2,400 cows at Pine Breeze Dairy. The same year, Breeze Dairy Group became an official LLC.

The most recent addition to the Breeze Dairy family of farms was Spring Breeze Dairy in Bryant, Wisconsin in 2015. Unlike Lake Breeze and Pine Breeze, Spring Breeze Dairy was an existing farm and not a new construction or substantial expansion.

The newest farm that will be joining the family of farms is North Breeze Dairy in Stetsonville, Wisconsin, with plans of construction in 2018. 

Over the last decade, Breeze Dairy Group has established a reputation for providing high-quality milk; exceptional animal care; and being environmental stewards of Wisconsin’s land and dedicated members of the communities where we farm.

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