Breeze Dairy Group, LLC

"Our Family of Farms"

Our family of farms

Breeze Dairy Group is a partnership of five Wisconsin farming families who came together with a shared passion of dairy farming and caring for the land. Our forefathers built our legacy on the rich Wisconsin soil. We are proud to carry on that legacy by producing high quality, nutritious milk. Like our ancestors, we are dedicated to our families, our employees, our farms and our communities.

Together, we have more than 200 years of combined farming experience. Farming looks different today than it did when our grandfathers farmed, however our commitment and dedication to being environmental stewards and caring for our cows remains the same. The Breeze Dairy families are dedicated to each of the communities where we live and farm.


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With relentless passion and pride, Breeze Dairy Group, LLC focuses on animal well-being, environmental stewardship and productivity. We operate in a TEAM environment where our theme of “Operational Excellence” yields outstanding results. Growth, longevity and financial success will lead to a sustainable business.  Family, employees, and our communities are held with high priority.