Our cows’ comfort and well-being factors into every decision we make so the cows are at their best to produce wholesome, high-quality milk.

How we keep our cows comfortable

  • Our cows lie on sand bedding, which is the most comfortable bedding available. Several times a day the beds are cleaned to remove any debris. More sand is added to the beds twice a week to ensure cow comfort.
  • All of the freestall barns are properly ventilated, using fans and curtains to move the air. The freestall barns provide shade and a cool breeze for the cows in the summer, and in the winter the barns keep the cows sheltered from the wind and snow.
  • In the freestall barns, the cows can eat, drink, and rest whenever they like.

Our cow caregivers

Employee training on animal care and husbandry is continuous at all farms. Occasionally, we have industry experts conduct special, on-farm training programs for all employees. Our goal is to have consistent cow-care techniques across all farms. Additionally, our employees regularly attend cow care programs to keep up-to-date on best animal care practices.

The farms that are part of the Breeze Dairy Group family are enrolled in the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) animal care program. This is a national program that sets the highest standards when it comes to animal care. FARM provides an animal care reference manual farmers must follow for every cow and calf on the farm. These guidelines evolve with the latest research on quality animal care. The FARM program evaluates farmers at least once every three years and provides feedback on how we’re doing by qualified auditors. The evaluation provides us with the information we need to develop action plans for continuous improvement.