We are Stewards of the Land

Like our forefathers, Breeze Dairy Group is passionate about protecting the land and conserving the water in Wisconsin. Dairy farmers are held to high environmental standards, and we go above and beyond what is expected of us.

All the farms in the Breeze Dairy Group family use the latest technologies to preserve and protect the environment. We work with a team of experts who guide us in decision-making to ensure everything we do is safe for the environment, our neighbors and the communities around us.

Clean water is a fundamental part of dairy farming, and we have many practices in place to ensure we conserve all the water used on our farms.

  • At each farm, the amount of water used is monitored daily. We establish strict targets for how much water we expect to use from the wells, carefully study the reports that are generated, and make adjustments if our goals aren’t being met.
  • The water that is used in our milking parlors is run through a cooler, recycled and used again as drinking water for the cows. At Lake Breeze Dairy, recycled water is used to flush the waste from the freestall barn alleyways.

On Breeze Dairy farms, we do more than only recycling water. We recycle and reuse the sand bedding in all of our freestall barns; on our feed piles, we reuse recycled tires to hold plastic down to protect our cows’ feed; and, we participate in the recycling program with Revolution Plastics and recycle the plastic used on top of the feed piles at Pine Breeze Dairy.

We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to guarantee the land and water are well-cared for and protected for future generations.